best chocolate artist

Looking for the ultimate unique gift for the person that has everything?  Commission chocolate artist Paul to create a stunning sculpted bust, animal or even a life-size of your family, friend or your CEO and have it safely shipped. Keep them on a mantle in the living room, on your office desk or any other indoor location. They do not melt indoors and last years.

Contact us today for an incomparable and impressive gift for the art and chocolate lover.

You Become the Genius.

“I’ve never looked so edible”
Robert Irvine – Food Network Star

“That was amazing”
Wynnona Judd – Country Music Singer

  • 4 foot wide OREO logo for IMbd Oscar Viewing Party
  • Chocolate replica of Toothsome Chocolate Emporium at Universal Orlando
  • Corporate Logo in 50lbs of chocolate
  • Commissioned chocolate head portrait for Father
  • UCF themed chocolate centerpiece for wedding
  • Tribute to Robin Wiliams
  • Scotty sculpted for the 50th Anniversary of STAR TREK celebration in Las Vegas
  • emeril-chocolate-artist
  • St Paul Sculpted in Just 4 Hours