chocolate artist

Experience the Thrill and Intrigue of Chocolate Speed Sculpting

Tranforming chocolate into fascinating, delicious, and highly unique live entertainment world-wide.

After 8 years of creating chocolate art live, event planners and marketing agencies trust The Chocolate Genius brand. Experiences include a birthday party for an NBA team owner to a Delta Airlines corporate event in Central America to NYC Bat-Mitzvah’s and weddings to major product promotions as far as West Asia for companies such as Oreo, Godiva, and Universal Studios.

“Thank you for a great year! We look forward to another one!”

Michael Cerbelli, Celebrity Event Planner

Guests watch in awe as blocks of chocolate are transformed into a work of art. Chocolate artist, Paul Joachim thrives off energy from the guests, loves to interact, and serves luxury chocolate entertaining them every step of the way! He is routinely called humorous, genuine, brilliantly artistic and genius by celebrities, guests, event planners, and agencies.

How does Live Chocolate Sculpting work?

  • You provide your theme, we collaborate on multiple ideas and price tiers for you to choose from.
  • We match any theme, from intricate buildings to life-size people, to head portraits, to animals to corporate logos.
  • Chocolate pieces can be any color you choose.
  • Corporate events, conventions, product promotions, birthday parties, mitzvahs, weddings, anywhere there is a need for a thrilling and unique experience.
  • We are very easy to work with, leaving you with trust and confidence.
  • The Chocolate Genius’ team are logistical masters traveling the world for events, helping promote and support the biggest industry players and private parties.
  • The experience is customized to your event timeframe. Whether it’s 30 minutes or 3 days, we’ve got you covered.
  • You have the option of custom luxurious, unique, and beautifully crafted take-away gifts.
  • Chocolate sculptures can be an investment in art, lasting indefinitely under the proper conditions.
  • Completed sculptures can be cast and turned into bronze metal or other permanent art material.

You Become the Genius.

  • 160 lb over 6'2 tall Chocolate Sculpture created Live at America's Cake Fair
  • 3 ft, 55 lb Chocolate Oompa Loompa Sculpted Live at a Christmas Party
  • Sculpting live for National Chocolate Day at Universal Orlando
  • Orlando Magic logo sculpted live
  • Marilyn Sculpted Live Before an Audience
  • Corporate logo sculpted live during dessert party
  • Chocolate elephant sculpting live at Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Live TV demonstration during Haloween
  • 16th Birthday Party Track Shoes with Angels Chocolate Sculpture Done Live
  • Life-size yoga cake for Orlando Power Yoga
  • Food Network's Robert Irvine Sculpted Live in 42 Minutes
  • Live demo at Busch Gardens Virginia