Interactive, hands-on chocolate sculpting training workshops are now available. Great sculpting is about looking and observing in a way most people have not considered. These courses offer one-on-one or group instruction in the incredible art of chocolate sculpting. These workshops are fun, highly impactful, and can change your artistic perspective. This workshop will take you on a path of awareness enabling you to sculpt at much higher levels than you imagined was possible.

Students have traveled across the globe for private instruction and have accomplished incredible sculpting results exceeding their expectations.

A schedule of workshops is currently available in Orlando, Florida. Private and group sessions can be scheduled anywhere in the world given enough planning time.

“The most unique experience I’ve had in my life.” Shobha Tallapaka, USA, after taking Paul’s private class.

Open Classes: TBA

Workshop are conducted by Paul Joachim, The Chocolate Genius

Audiences all over the world are entertained, amazed and mesmerized by the artistic skills and ability of Paul Joachim. He can sculpt in minutes in front of a live audience what other artists need days to complete.

Words alone can’t fully express what Paul accomplishes with cake and chocolate. His chocolate busts, chocolate replicas of movie, sports and other entertainment superstars, as well as the cakes he creates matching the theme of any event, are not only mind-bogglingly accurate, they are delicious. And now you can learn Paul’s methods and techniques and appreciate first-hand his chocolate and cake artistic abilities.

Contact us today to start working with Paul on a customized class just for you or sign-up for a group class.