chocolate artists journey

The Art of Chocolate Storytelling

Paul Joachim grew up in Florida, and he still lives just outside Orlando. His passion for art began at a young age with his preschool teacher pointing out his special talent. Always in love with art, Paul had the opportunity to study Fine Arts at Florida State University where he obtained a BFA in Studio Art.

After graduating from college, Paul started a web development business and, as a hobby, he turned cooking into his own personal art form. Over a decade later, he discovered a love for cakes and transforming them into delicious edible sculptures. After pushing the envelope of what was possible in cake design for four years, in 2011 Paul was invited to appear on Food Network where he won the Extreme Alien Cake Challenge. For Paul, this pivotal moment was a milestone that launched his chocolate-sculpting career.

​Paul is now ranked as one of the best chocolatiers and chocolate artists in the world. He travels the globe showcasing his unique brand of chocolate speed-sculpting at world-class brand launches and internationally-recognized events for clients​ including Godiva, Delta Airlines, Oreo, Universal Studios, and the NBA​​. Perhaps you caught Paul, The Chocolate Genius, on one of his TV appearances on The Talk on CBS, Australia’s The Today Show, A&E, Hallmark Channel and multiple Food Network shows.

Paul conveys storytelling through his chocolate sculptures. He sees art as a transformational medium for inspiring audiences with joy, inspiration, and love for disrupting the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what is possible within each viewer’s point of view and own life​. Paul’s unique aptitudes for engineering​​ harmonized with his cultivated artistic craft has allowed him to master the impact of his chocolate art, thrilling audiences with rare experiences of a lifetime.

“That’s Incredible”

Emeril Lagasse – Celebrity Chef

“Your talent is deliciously beautiful… The guests raved…”

Ultra High-Net-Worth Client

Experience majestic chocolate art:
> Speed Sculpting in Chocolate live in front of an audience – Any theme, any format.
Workshops/Classes – One-of-a-kind learning experiences.
Commissioned Sculpted Busts – Yes, they don’t melt indoors and last years.
Chocolate Pairings – A cutting-edge culinary and interactive experience.

  • 4 foot wide OREO logo for IMbd Oscar Viewing Party
  • Wonder Woman-Inspired 160 lb sculpture completed live at America's Cake Fair in 3 days
  • Chocolate elephant at Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Sculpted for National Chocolate Day at Universal Studio's Tooth Chocolate Emporium
  • My appearance on CBS' The Talk
  • Scotty sculpted for the 50th Anniversary STAR TREK convention Las Vegas
  • 50th anniversary sculpture celebrating 50 years of the Ford Mustang
  • Orlando Magic logo sculpted live in chocolate
  • sheryl-national-enquirerv4
  • Local TV sculpting and painting demo
  • Talking Chocolate with Anthony Bourdain
  • Emeril Lagasse in chocolate!
  • Paul sculpted Food Network's Robert Irvine in 42 minutes at a charity fundraiser
  • International media coverage
  • 36th Anniversary celebration of Cirque du Soleil International collaboration