chocolate artists journey

I received a BFA in Studio Art and graduated from college. I was living a good life, but I kind of lost my way in terms of being an artist. I felt there was a big hole and I was searching for where my passion was. Then it turned out it was my Moms 60th birthday party and she was going on a cruise. This is where I decided I was going to go all out and make a 3d cruise ship cake. It was my first fondant cake which included a sugar sea, balconies in white chocolate, an edible pool and lots of other details. It came out amazing and that’s where the light-bulb got turned on. I said, ‘Wow! Maybe someday I could take cake and turn them into actual sculptures.’ That’s how this journey of mixing my passion for food and art got started.

Known as The Chocolate Genius, Paul Joachim is the world’s only chocolate speed sculptor. He has turned his passion for luxurious chocolate and sculpting into innovative live entertainment at high profile events. His remarkable chocolate art has been featured on CBS’ The Talk, Food Network, The Today Show Australia, A&E and Hallmark Channel along with the National Enquirer, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News and countless others. As a Food Network Challenge winner, Paul has sculpted everything from a life-size LeBron James, to horses, to giant track shoes. His incredible speed combined with the artistic beauty of his sculptures sets him apart. A masterful life-size chocolate bust can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, turning his art into high energy, live entertainment. Furthermore, Paul takes the experience to another level by mesmerizing audiences with exhilarating chocolate tastings and engaging stories as he sculpts at museums, Fortune 50 events and ultra-high-net-worth private occasions worldwide.

Experience majestic chocolate art:
> Speed Sculpting in Chocolate live in front of an audience – Any theme, any format.
Workshops/Classes – One-of-a-kind learning experiences.
Commissioned Sculpted Busts – Yes, they don’t melt indoors and last years.
Wine & Chocolate Pairings – A cutting-edge culinary and interactive experience.

“Your talent is deliciously beautiful… The guests raved… I couldn‘t be more thrilled.”
Ultra High-Net-Worth Client

“That’s Incredible”
Emeril Lagasse – Celebrity Chef

  • 4 foot wide OREO logo for IMbd Oscar Viewing Party
  • Wonder Woman-Inspired 160 lb sculpture completed live at America's Cake Fair in 3 days
  • Chocolate elephant at Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Sculpted for National Chocolate Day at Universal Studio's Tooth Chocolate Emporium
  • My appearance on CBS' The Talk
  • Scotty sculpted for the 50th Anniversary STAR TREK convention Las Vegas
  • 50th anniversary sculpture celebrating 50 years of the Ford Mustang
  • Orlando Magic logo sculpted live in chocolate
  • sheryl-national-enquirerv4
  • Local TV sculpting and painting demo
  • Talking Chocolate with Anthony Bourdain
  • Emeril Lagasse in chocolate!
  • Paul sculpted Food Network's Robert Irvine in 42 minutes at a charity fundraiser
  • International media coverage
  • 36th Anniversary celebration of Cirque du Soleil International collaboration