chocolate sculpture shipped

YES, it is possible to ship one of Paul’s breathtaking 220+ pound cakes across the country! A&E Shipping Wars and shipping star Jarrett Joyce successfully delivered a divine tasting six foot tall cake and chocolate sculpture over 900 miles from Orlando to Pennsylvania. Paul exceeded the expectations of his customers, two of the worlds biggest cake stars. All while staying perfectly fresh and tasting remarkable for the day of the party.

“That’s a cake??”
Jarett Joyce – A&E Shipping Wars

Experience majestic chocolate art:
> Speed Sculpting in Chocolate live in front of an audience – Any theme, any format.
Workshops/Classes – One-of-a-kind learning experiences.
Commissioned Sculpted Busts – Yes, they don’t melt indoors and last years.
Chocolate Pairings – A cutting-edge culinary and interactive experience.

  • They are 200+ pounds of cake and chocolate at 6 foot high
  • Paul, Jarrett, Chef Keith Esbin and Paul's assistant Jennifer Mendez
  • The gorgeous cake getting loaded into the truck
  • Norman Davis ecstatic about his cake!