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Why Icing Smiles is Paul’s Charity

Icing Smiles is an incredible non-for-profit organization that makes cakes for critically ill children world-wide. There are 2000 talented cake artists who have committed to bring joy to a critically ill child.

One amazing day of joy can create a life-time of memories, not just for the child but the entire family. Paul cherishes the opportunity of sharing these moments and help his local and wider community. He actively promotes Icing Smiles using is talent and created this video to highlight its possibilities.

The Chocolate Genius had the honor of sculpting a beautiful girl named Zoe live at the Icing Smiles Fundraising Gala. Zoe has a rare form of cancer called OMS; and coincidently, her Mother Melodie happens to be an Icing Smile volunteer as well.

Melodie’s story:

When I first heard of Icing Smiles, my heart had a warm rush flood through it. We had been fighting for our daughter’s life for 7 years already and it has been a difficult journey. We’ve partnered with a non profit group to begin our own foundation to help kids with her medical diagnosis. But, it seemed like no matter how hard I try, there just wasn’t enough of me to make enough of a difference. Then I was introduced to Icing Smiles. Seeing the smiles of kids with their dream cakes completely rocked my world. I couldn’t sign up fast enough! My first call to action was for a boy named Wes. And, as fate would have it, he also had the same cancer my daughter had. That was the moment I knew I would be doing this forever.

As a baker, I would never have asked for a “dream cake” for my daughter, simply because I knew the need was plenty and I was fully capable of making her birthday cakes for as long as I have her. Then there was Paul. I was trying to invest myself into the organization and received the greatest blessing ever from Paul Joachim sculpting my daughter LIVE. The tears poured and my heart soared. And, the presentation of a special cake from Elissa Strauss was an added bonus!! Not many of us have the honor of being medical moms AND dream cake designers. But, I wouldn’t change my circumstances for the world. My daughter, Zoe, has empowered me.

Experience majestic chocolate art:
> Speed Sculpting in Chocolate live in front of an audience – Any theme, any format.
Workshops/Classes – One-of-a-kind learning experiences.
Commissioned Sculpted Busts – Yes, they don’t melt indoors and last years.
Chocolate Pairings – A cutting-edge culinary and interactive experience.