The Chocolate Genius


Hire the unique and amazing work of chocolate carver Paul Joachim.

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Chocolate Sculpting and Carving F.A.Q.'s

Why The Chocolate Genius for Your Events?

The Chocolate Genius provides highly unique experiences proven to contribute to an event’s success. Ranked as one of the best chocolatiers and artists in the world, Paul interacts with guests as he sculpts in luxurious chocolate. All the while guests experience divine, world-class, never-had-so-good chocolates that go with every sculpture and/or created for takeaways. Every detail is taken into account in order to provide a jaw-dropping, WOW, Instagram worthy experience from the aroma of the sustainable chocolate, to the sculpture coming alive, to the fascinating interaction with guests. At the end of the day it's all about a world-class, stunning experience thrilling audiences with rare experiences of a lifetime.

All companies want to maximize their trade show booth dollars and bring in as many qualified leads as possible. Chocolate sculpting generates buzz across the trade show floor, it attracts media attention, and improves booth foot traffic at conventions and expos.  What The Chocolate Genius does is visually amazing, highly entertaining and of course, the aroma of luxury chocolate alone is a huge draw. Paul becomes your brand ambassador enhanced by his business savvy, providing talking points, and helping bring in leads. Yet another value, attendees continue to visit your trade show booth again and again throughout the expo to see the progress.

How does The Chocolate Genius Drive Trade Show Traffic and Maximize Opportunities?

The Chocolate Genius provides a wide range of very high-end, amazing couverture chocolates including vegan, kosher dairy, kosher parve, organic, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, tree nut-free, peanut free, non-GMO and soy-free. Are you interested in a specific chocolate? Just ask us!

What dietary requirements do you cater to?

What temperature does the room need to be to sculpt in chocolate?

Typically room temperature is ideal for the chocolate carving. Paul has sculpted anywhere between 44 degrees (outside in Vegas) over Winter all the way to close to 90 degrees (outside in Virginia)  

What are the chocolate carving setup requirements?

We all know The Chocolate Genius is a very unique product. Fortunately, the set-up requirements are typically very simple such as a table with linens and overhead lighting. There is no need to stress out about the set-up, allowing you to put your energy towards the rest of the party.

Not only are the sculptures edible, they are made with the best Fairtrade couverture chocolates in the world. Using high-end chocolate is an important part of the guest experience! High-end chocolate creates the most amazing aroma, filling a room and of course, has a world-class taste for the guests to be amazed by.

Are the chocolate sculptures edible?

What do clients do with the chocolate sculptures?

Guests can eat the chocolate sculptures during the party, eat the scraps as they fall or the sculpture can be kept and put on display. The sculptures can last many years under the proper conditions.

Do you provide more traditional chocolates for eating?

Yes! Having more traditional chocolates for guests to eat completes the incredibly unique chocolate and art experience of The Chocolate Genius. For example, The Chocolate Genius might sculpt a 3’ Aston Martin for a James Bond themed party along with 200 pre-made chocolate gold guns for guests to eat. Guests get to eat the seriously delicious chocolate shavings, the pre-made custom chocolates, and if desired, the sculpture itself!

Is there a difference between chocolate carving and chocolate sculpting?

Depending on the exact sculpture The Chocolate Genius is creating he uses both additive sculpting, which is similar to using clay or he might carve, similar to carving a block of marble. Many times the process incorporates both carving and sculpting. Guests get to experience the incredible aroma of high-end couverture chocolate and eat the delicious shavings as the sculpture comes to life. The Chocolate Genius is both a carver and sculptor.

What is The Chocolate Genius' Mission?

The Chocolate Genius' mission is to transform one billion people or more through chocolate sculpting. And what do I mean by this? Chocolate creates a visceral, personal response in everyone. It’s a bridge between classes, gender, religion, races - all labels of culture.  

Your talent is deliciously beautiful... the guests raved... I couldn‘t be more thrilled.
— Billionaire Client