The Chocolate Genius


Hire chocolate carver, sculptor and artist Paul Joachim and find out his amazing mission through chocolate.



My mission is to transform one billion people or more through chocolate sculpting. And what do I mean by this? Chocolate creates a visceral, personal response in everyone. It’s a bridge between classes, gender, religion, races - all labels of culture. In other words, chocolate creates a deep human connection – often missing in our divisive world. When most people think of chocolate, it’s simply a chocolate bar. I have the gift of transforming chocolate into mystifying, inspirational sculpture, live and in front of audience’s eyes. Inspiring them with joy, awe, and love, disrupting the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what is possible within each viewer’s point of view and own life. 

Examples of this in action:
• I am an Icing Smiles volunteer where I sculpted Elsa from Disney’s Frozen for a very ill 3-year-old girl. Icing Smiles is a global volunteer organization that creates cakes for critically ill children. The picture of her went viral with over one million seeing it and Icing Smiles inquires went up 5% after this picture went viral. From a very personal level, this effort made a beautiful impact on the 3-year-olds family with the grandmother reaching out to me personally and this impact ripple through the community.

• I completed a very high-profile job in Pakistan in 2017 for Magnum Ice Cream/Unilever – a 59 billion dollar global company. A chairperson from Unilever walked up to me before the event, unsolicited and said 'The reason why we have you here, is we see chocolate as transforming the Pakistani people' Well over 10 million people saw on social media, television and other media the sculptures and chocolates I contributed. Creating art and social impact from chocolate is making a difference.

• A woman from India, Rintu Kalyani Rathod, took a private class from me 4 years ago here in the US. She has since become a chocolate sculpting celebrity in India, has received national and international recognition, humanitarian awards and has created national trends in sculpting chocolate Ganeshas, dipping the sculpture in milk and feeding the chocolate milk to orphans - she has received ongoing national media coverage and publicity with her chocolate sculpting, activism and philanthropy where she has affected tens of millions.


We have you here because we see chocolate as transforming the Pakistani people.
— Chairman, Unilever Asia